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Can I Simulcast to Multiple Facebook Pages?

Livestream Premium and Enterprise customers can simulcast their Livestream events to their Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups all at the same time. You can simulcast up to five (5) different Facebook destinations at one time.

After adding your first Facebook destination, you can add additional ones in the Settings > Simulcast menu by clicking Add a Facebook destination.

A window will pop up allowing you to choose a new Facebook destination. Your options will be any page of which you are an Admin.

Pages' audience settings can only be "Public," so that any member or follower will be able to see the stream. However, you can adjust other settings to be different from your first Facebook destination, such as whether embedding from that page is allowed.

Click Save and Add when you have finished configuring settings for that Facebook destination. It will be listed directly under your first destination. Use the switches on the right to toggle simulcasting for those pages on and off. The gearwheels will allow you to adjust settings for the corresponding destination.

When you start streaming to your event, you will see a notification on your event page that you are now simulcasting to 2 separate Facebook destinations, with the option to view each of them.

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