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What Equipment Do I Need to Go Live?

Once you have logged in to your account and created an event, you can go live. Livestream offers a few plug-and-play tools to help you go live without needing to worry about what kind of equipment you have.

What you need to go live:


☑️  At least 1 camera with a video capture device, or a webcam
☑️  A high-performance computer
☑️  Internet connection


Missing any of the above requirements? Here are some plug-and-play solutions we offer.


Hosting a large event and need to use multiple cameras? Livestream Studio software

Livestream Studio is a powerful software that allows for switching between multiple cameras, graphic overlays, video playback, high-resolution recording, and multi-bitrate streaming. It will work on Windows 7 or later, and Mac High Sierra or later. Learn more here.


Do you want to stream from your computer’s webcam? Livestream Producer

Livestream Producer is a free encoding software that works on both Mac and Windows computers. This is ideal for simple webcam or single-camera streams that can also screencapture your desktop. Learn more here.

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