How Do I Stream My Events to Facebook Live?

Premium and Enterprise customers have the ability to push any of their streams on Livestream to Facebook Live, allowing for higher potential viewership with lower effort. 


Important: Customers wishing to do this should ensure they are using encoders that support this feature.


To enable this feature, log in to your Livestream account and navigate to your account settings. Click the 'Simulcast' tab.

Click the blue 'Add' button that corresponds with Facebook to connect your Facebook account to your Livestream account.

Important: Due to Facebook Terms of Service restrictions, it is not possible to use Facebook Live for Livestream and use a Custom Destination at the same time. You must choose one or the other.

Tip: You will first see a message from Livestream notifying that if you intend to stream to any audience beyond your friends at any point, you must select 'Public' during the initial connection steps. You can adjust this at a later time if necessary. See more details here.

Next, a new window will open from Facebook. You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account if you are not already. If you are logged in already, click 'Continue.'

Select your audience, keeping in mind the notice above. Then click 'OK.'

Facebook will then request permission to manage Pages and Groups you manage. This will allow you to stream to Pages and Groups of which you are the administrator. Click 'OK.'

A new window will open prompting you to complete your setup. Choose where you will stream to, such as your personal profile or a page that you admin, and choose your event privacy. These settings will apply to all of your events (although you can also disable this on an event-by-event basis).

Checking 'Create Facebook VOD' will save the stream for on-demand viewing on Facebook.

'Show Advanced Settings' reveals additional Facebook options, such as Facebook embedding and Continuous Streaming.

Once you save your settings, any events you create from here on out will automatically simulcast to Facebook. For events you have already created, go to that event's settings to enable simulcasting.

Make sure your event is published and not in draft mode. Otherwise it will not simulcast to Facebook.

You can always disable this feature by navigating back to Settings > Simulcast and toggling off the switch next to your Facebook account. Please be advised this will also disable access to your Facebook viewership data in the Analytics tab.

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