How Do I Embed My Event?

Live embedding is available for Premium and Enterprise accounts. If you would like to enable embedding, you can upgrade your account by going to your account settings in the upper right hand corner of the page, then go to the Plans tab.


Anyone can embed a broadcast that's on a Premium or Enterprise account by clicking the 'Share' icon in the upper right corner of the event page.

Click 'Embed' in the window that pops up.

Choose the player size from the dropdown menu on the right side.

We recommend previewing the embed in a new window prior to pasting the code into your website.

Click 'More Options' to further customize your embed.

The following options appear:

  • Enable event info and activity: Allows viewers to show and hide the Livestream chat and see the event description all within the player embed. Not available on players smaller than 480x270.
  • Enable Referrer Tracking: Allows you to keep track of how viewers got to your player in Livestream Analytics.
  • Autoplay on page load: Automatically loads and starts playing as soon as the viewer gets to the webpage.
  • Mute video by default: When the player loads, the volume will be muted until the viewer adjusts it.

 When you have finished configuring your embed, copy the iFrame code to your clipboard and paste it into your website's HTML. 

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