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How Do I Download Videos From My Events?

You can download an .mp4 copy of your videos from your event.

Click the Posts icon in the upper right corner of the event page.

If you are trying to download a draft video, click the Edit icon, then click Draft & Scheduled Posts.

Hover your cursor over the video you want to download. Click the gearwheel that appears, then click Download.


You can choose the bitrate of the clip you would like to download by selecting the option in the menu. The download will begin automatically.

It's important to note that the resolution of the clip available for download will depend entirely on the quality/bitrate at which you streamed. Multi-bitrate streams will have more than one resolution available for download (pictured above); single bitrate streams will only have one resolution to choose from.

Only owners of events have the ability to download content. Viewers cannot download content. 

When using Livestream Producer or Livestream Studio, a copy of your broadcast will already save locally on the computer used to broadcast in your My Videos (Windows) or My Movies (Mac) folder.

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    Nooralom sheikh

    Hi how can i download all my videos at once instead of downloading them 1 by 1 ? is there a back end or somehow i can download them all together ?

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    Hi there, Zawiyah TV! You can only download videos one at a time, but that is a great feature request to perform batch downloads! I'll be sure to submit that on your behalf.

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