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Can I Move a Video to a Different Event on My Account?

There is currently no direct tool within Livestream to transfer a video on demand post from one event page to another event page. However, there are a few workarounds if you need to move a clip from one event to another.

  • Download the archive and upload it to the correct event. As the account owner, you have the ability to download any of your archives. You can also use a local recording, such as the .mp4 created by Livestream Producer or Livestream Studio, and upload that file to the correct event. 
  • Re-stream the video to the correct event. If your local or downloaded file is too large to upload directly, you can take that video and stream it again to the correct event. The easiest way to do this is by using the media playback module in Livestream Studio. Alternatively, you can open the file on your computer and use the screen capturing tool in Livestream Producer to stream it to your event again. Both of these can be done to a draft event, which you can publish afterward.

Once the video is posted on the correct event, you can go to the event it was originally posted to and delete it by clicking the Posts icon, click the corresponding gearwheel, then click Delete.

**Deleting clips cannot be undone. Do not do this until you are certain your video has been moved to the correct event page.**

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    Jyväskylän Vapaaseurakunta

    These are very time consuming workarounds, and the quality suffers significantly in both. It's not like it's technically difficult for you to offer this properly within the platform, so another event links to the same video stream. Please step up, Livestream!

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    Please consider making this feature available. It would be very beneficial to assign a post to an event. This a feature request that would benefit all of your users, especially those of us who are paying for extra features and services.

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