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What Is the Quality of My Uploaded Video Clips?

On-demand video clips uploaded to your Livestream event page are delivered to your viewers in four different bitrates automatically, allowing the player to adapt to your viewer's connection.


See here for instructions on how to upload videos to your event page.


When you upload your on-demand video clip, Livestream transcodes the video in multiple bitrates. When viewers watch the player can detects the viewer's bandwidth and CPU capacity in real-time. That way, the video player adjust the quality of the video stream to deliver the highest quality possible. This delivers the highest quality video viewing experience automatically and without the need to manually adjust the video player.

Adaptive bitrate streaming is available in four qualities:

  • 272p Mobile
  • 432p Medium
  • 480p High
  • 720p HD
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    Crossroads Christian Church

    If a live event is archived and then played back, will it only playback at the original broadcast quality, or will adaptive bitrate allow the viewer to watch it at a bitrate that best works for their connection?

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