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How the Adaptive Live Player Works

When producers go live, they have the ability to choose which qualities they want to stream in. This is entirely dependent on their hardware and Internet connection speed.


If a producer streams in multiple bitrates, viewers will see the ability to adjust which quality they watch in the bottom right corner of the live player. By default, Auto is selected.

Auto will allow the player to automatically adapt and adjust which of the available qualities the viewer will see the stream in based on their available connection speed. The player will always attempt to play the highest quality stream possible for that viewer's connection.


Viewers can choose to manually adjust the quality of the stream they're viewing by clicking the quality icon, and then selecting which of the available qualities they want to watch the stream in. The player will not adapt to changing connection speeds if viewers do this, so if their connection slows down, they may experience buffering and would have to switch to a lower quality manually.

This option is only available on desktop browsers. Other viewing apps (mobile app, Roku, etc.) will always adapt to the best possible quality during multi-bitrate streams.


This option will only appear if the producer of the event is sending the stream at multiple qualities. Some producers may only send a single bitrate, in which case the option to switch between qualities will not be present, as shown below.

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