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I Streamed but I Can't Find My Video; Where Is It?

If you are unable to find the video on demand on an event that you streamed, there are a few possibilities for this.


Check all of your events. If you have multiple events on your account, it's possible the video you are looking for was accidentally streamed to a different event. If this is the case, you can download the clip and then upload it to the correct event.

Which option did you select when you stopped streaming? Every Livestream encoder provides three options when you stop a stream: Publish, Save as Draft, or Delete. The video on demand will only appear visible to your viewers if you selected Publish.


Make sure you log into your account. Then go to your event page and click the Editor icon. Click the Draft & Pending Posts indicator.

Any draft post will be listed here. Click the post to edit it.

Scroll down in the editor and select Publish Immediately, then click Post Now. Your video will now be published.

If you selected Delete when you finished streaming, the video archive of your stream is unfortunately lost and not recoverable by Livestream. However, if you used Livestream Producer or Livestream Studio to stream, you have an .mp4 of your stream saved onto your hard drive by default. Check you "Videos" (Windows) or "Movies" (Mac) folder.


Are you subscribed to a plan? Any event that was streamed on a free trial is deleted 30 days after the trial expires. Any event that was on a paid account at the time it was streamed, and then was cancelled, will be deleted 30 days after the downgrade takes effect. Multiple emails are sent to the email address associated with the account in advance of this occurring. Please make sure to add to your contact list.

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