How Do I Prevent My Event From Being Embedded on Other Websites?

Enterprise users can control which domains (URLs) their Livestream events can be embedded on. This allows them to manage how and where their content is shared. 


After creating an event, you will need to access the "Privacy" tab to control the embedding locations of the Livestream player. 


Go to the event you want to restrict, and click the Editor icon in the upper right corner of your event page.

Towards the bottom of the menu, click 'Privacy.'

The last setting is 'URL Embed Restriction,' which gives you the ability to allow or deny the embedding on specified domains or URLs.

After you make your selection, make sure to update your newly select settings by clicking the "Update Settings" button, otherwise the changes you have made will not take place.

Note: Do not put spaces in between commas.

If someone attempts to embed the Livestream player on a domain or URL you've denied or haven't specified, they will see the prompt below.

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