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Streaming to Facebook Live via Livestream Studio

Beginning with version 3.2, Livestream Studio users now have the option to stream to Facebook Live.

Are you trying to stream to Facebook via your Livestream account? See here.

Log in to Facebook.


Navigate to the Stream tab in the lower right corner of Studio, then click the Facebook logo.

Click Sign in to Facebook. A browser window will open.

Enter your Facebook credentials, and select whether you wish to stay logged into Livestream Studio. Then click Log In.

Livestream Studio will request several permissions, including your friend lists, events, ability to post, and access to pages you manage. Click Continue As... to continue.

We recommend setting your default audience settings to Public, especially if you ever intend to stream to an audience beyond your friends list. You can adjust audience settings for individual streams within Livestream Studio before you go live.

Click OK to finish permission settings.

When authorization is complete, you can close your browser window.

Configure Facebook Settings


The Stream module in Livestream Studio will now present various setting to configure, as seen below.

  1. In the Post As dropdown, you can choose between your personal profile, any pages you admin, or any groups you admin.
  2. Stream to will allow you to stream to either your page or events on Facebook.
  3. Share with lets you choose which audience you would like to share your stream with.
  4. Check Continuous Live if you wish to keep streaming beyond Facebook's four-hour streaming limit (note that this will not send out additional notifications or save VOD's from each four-hour segment).

If you scroll down and click Advanced Settings, you can a variety of options for customizing your live video post on Facebook. Such as adding tags for other pages on Facebook, and audience targeting tools

You can also provide other metadata for your stream, such as targeted countries and what language the broadcast will be in. You can also select which network to stream over, if you have multiple available.

When you have finished with these settings, click Done.

Before starting your stream, there are additional options you can see when you hover your mouse over the Facebook icon on the bottom of the module.

Click the pin icon to add your location.

Click the tagged person icon to tag a Facebook friend to your live video post on Facebook.

If you need to revisit your settings, click the gearwheel icon to re-open the configuration window.

Go Live to Facebook

Choose a name, quality, and aspect ratio for your stream.

When selecting 1:1, you can choose to display a yellow safe area in either all of your sources, or in only the Preview and Program monitors so you can easily frame your shots properly.

Click Go Live to start your stream.

Once you are live, you can view your stream by hovering the mouse over the Facebook logo and clicking the URL in the menu that pops up.

The stream will appear in your Facebook timeline after about 10 seconds.

When you want to end your stream, click the red Streaming button.

The broadcast will end promptly and the stream will save on your Facebook timeline for on-demand playback.

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  • Avatar
    Royalhouse Chapel International

    Hello, please when we stream with facebook as the provider, will we still have our sessions live on the original livestream channel we have?

  • Avatar

    No - if you stream to Facebook Live, the VOD will save onto Facebook. If you want to have a stream both on Facebook Live *and* Livestream, you would need two separate encoders - one streaming to Facebook, the other to your Livestream account.

  • Avatar
    Brandon Thompson

    Hi Emily! This and the YouTube one were very helpful. I haven't started using Livestream Studio yet, but plan to within the month. It's possible to stream to both YouTube and Facebook live through Livestream Studio, right? Or can it only do one stream at a time? Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Hi BT - Glad you found the articles helpful! Livestream Studio is only able to produce one stream at a time since streaming takes *a lot* of CPU power. If you wanted to do simultaneous streams to YouTube and Facebook, you would need two separate computers running Studio.

  • Avatar
    Jim Doyle

    Hi Emily,
    We use Livestream studio 4 for live events and have a two day summit event early in the New Year. Are we restricted to restarting the stream after 4 hours or is there a way to have a continuous stream running for the duration of the event which is approx 8-9 hours? , - thanks, Jim

  • Avatar
    Live Streaming Pros

    Jim, as long as you connect to Facebook using RTMP, when you're settingng up your stream there's a box to tick that says 24 hour stream. Just select that. The only drawback is that once you're done, it will not be saved on your timeline as a video, so make sure you record it. Hope that helps.

  • Avatar
    Morjina Begum

    Hi Emily thanks for your great information. This content is very helpful for livestream. Such a great gift,The products are amazing to use,This awesome -

  • Avatar

    Hi Emily, is it possible to deliver advertising through DFP on Facebook Live?

  • Avatar
    Live Streaming Pros

    Fatto, you cannot run any kind of midroll, pre-roll or post roll ads on Facebook lives. They already have plans for ads on live.

  • Avatar
    Isa O Elegbede

    how is it possible to monetize your live stream on youtube

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