Using Mevo as a Remote Camera

Starting with version 4.1, Livestream Studio can accept Mevo as a remote camera source.


Make sure that your Mevo is turned on and connected to the same local network as your Livestream Studio machine.


Note: Once your Mevo is connected, check here for best practices and recommendations for using Mevo as a remote camera source.


Launch the Mevo app and navigate to the main menu. Choose Advanced Settings.

At the top of the Advanced Settings menu, you will see an option for Livestream Studio Remote Camera Mode.


Tap Enable.

Close out of the menu.


Back in your live editing mode, you will now see a window at the top left with two new controls. These controls are Preview and Output. 

As long as your Mevo is on the same network as your Livestream Studio machine, you can then choose your Mevo as a source in the Remote Cam tab in Livestream Studio. 


Note: If you have re-named your Mevo in the app, it will still show up in Studio with its original identification number. 

Tap on Preview to control your Livestream Studio and place your Mevo Remote Cam source in Preview. 

Tap on Output to control your Livestream Studio and take your Mevo Remote Cam source as the Studio Output. This is what your Studio viewers will see.

While Mevo is being used a Remote Camera in Studio, you may still live edit your Mevo shot in your Mevo app. Your Mevo will output this live editing to Studio, just as it would to a local recording or Mevo stream to Livestream or Facebook Live. 


Note: You cannot start a separate Mevo stream to Livestream or Facebook Live while Studio Remote Camera Mode is enabled. You also cannot record to a microSD card inside the camera while in Studio Remote Camera Mode.


To synchronize your Mevo remote camera source with your direct camera inputs (i.e. HDMI/SDI inputs), click the gearwheel in the upper right corner of Studio, then click the 'Advanced' tab.

Navigate to the 'Remote Inputs Synchronization' setting and select 'Delay All Inputs by 1 Second and Synchronize.' This will allow your wired inputs to compensate for the latency experienced by wireless sources (in this case, Mevo) and sync them together.

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