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Using Mevo as a Remote Camera

Starting with version 4.1, Livestream Studio can accept Mevo as a remote camera source.

Make sure that your Mevo is turned on and connected to the same local network as your Livestream Studio machine.


 Launch the Mevo app and navigate to the main menu. Choose Advanced Settings.

Scroll midway down the Advanced Settings menu. You see a section for Livestream Studio Mode. Choose your desired resolution and bitrate for your camera's output into Studio, then toggle on the Mevo Remote Camera switch.

You cannot change your resolution while remote camera mode is enabled.

Selecting 1080p / 15.0Mbps will disable all Camera Assistant features (Face Detection, Live Follow, Auto Pilot, Static Shots)

This notification will pop up, which is simply to notify you that you are changing your camera's use and that it is only functional with Studio. You may toggle the switch back off at any time.

Your Mevo will appear at an Remote Camera option in Studio. Select it to see your camera's output in Studio.

If you have re-named your Mevo in the app, be aware that it will still show up in Studio with its original identification number. 

The below message will prompt you to change some settings in Studio to improve the experience with Mevo remote camera. Clicking Apply Recommendations will set all direct inputs to be delayed by one second, syncing them with Mevo and any other remote camera sources.

In the Mevo app, you will notice the bottom left corner now shows a dark gray button indicating it is linked to Studio but is not currently in Preview or Program. If you tap this button, the option to push it to Preview (PRV) or Program (PGM) will appear.

Use your finger to slide the gray button to either PRV or PGM to put your Mevo into either Preview or Program, respectively

Once Mevo is in Preview or Program, tap the button again and slide it to switch.

While Mevo is being used a Remote Camera in Studio, you may still live edit your Mevo shot in your Mevo app. Your Mevo will output this live editing to Studio, just as it would to a local recording or Mevo stream to Livestream or Facebook Live. 

You cannot start a separate Mevo stream to Livestream or Facebook Live while Studio Remote Camera Mode is enabled. You also cannot record to a microSD card inside the camera while in Studio Remote Camera Mode.

Once your Mevo is connected, check here for best practices and recommendations for using Mevo as a remote camera source.

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