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Connecting a GoPro as a Remote Camera to Livestream Studio

We are aware of issues with connecting GoPro cameras to Studio remotely. As a workaround, we suggest connecting GoPro cameras via HDMI to your Studio unit; this will also produce a higher quality output than connecting wirelessly.

Livestream Studio includes the ability to bring a GoPro Hero 4 as a remote camera source via the GoPro camera's built-in WiFi hotspot.

To connect a GoPro Hero 4 as a remote camera, first enable the WiFi on the camera by pressing the WiFi button the side of the camera (or by activating it within its settings).

GoPro Hero 4 Black will have lower latency (less than 1 second) than GoPro Hero 3 (1-2 seconds).

If your Livestream Studio system does not have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver*, you can purchase a USB receiver, such as TP-LINK TL-WN727N 150Mbps, and plug it in to a USB port or a USB hub.


*Livestream Studio hardware products (HD31/HD51/HD510/HD1710, etc.) do not include built-in Wi-Fi receivers. Newer HD550's do have a Wi-Fi receiver built-in, but you will need an additional receiver if you intend to broadcast over Wi-Fi.

Check your system’s network settings to ensure the Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to your GoPro camera.

If you have secured your GoPro's Wi-Fi hotspot, you will need to enter the password in order for Livestream Studio to recognize it.

Once your system recognizes the GoPro’s WiFi, the GoPro will appear as a source in your remote camera modules.

Select the GoPro to activate it. You can then switch it into Program as desired.

Please note that the GoPro's wireless output to Studio does not exceed 240p. For the best quality, connect the GoPro to Studio directly via HDMI.

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    How is the performance and video quality? And range

  • Avatar

    Hello. Check out this blog post. You can see we demoed the GoPro Hero livestreaming while Kitesurfing and biking through our neighborhood:

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    Indonesia Aeropress Championship

    Does Livestream Studio support live broadcasting from multiple gopro?

  • Avatar

    Yes, you can bring in up to 10 remote cameras sources in Studio. GoPro can also connect directly via HDMI.

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    Radio Amour

    Can we receive a true 1080 60 ips from the GoPro? Because for a mobile phone, according to Matt S, "the highest quality using a mobile device is 540p."

  • Avatar
    Brandon Thompson

    So in this example, is the computer connected to the Internet via a wired connection, and the GoPro is being accessed through a separate WiFi network, created by the computer? If so, is this possible with other types of remote cameras?

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    WebTv Restauração

    How to connect gopro 5?

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    Thos Shipley

    Hello Emily,
    Can you give me more detailed info on how to connect to via hdmi?

  • Avatar
    Thos Shipley

    My livestream is not identying my GOPRO Hero 5 camera. Is there a problem?

  • Avatar
    Tim Maloy

    Setting the menu to hdmi 'live' seems to be the trick

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