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How Do I Collect Donations on My Events?

Enterprise, Premium, and Basic customers can accept donations from their viewers by linking a Stripe account to their Livestream account. Donations can then be enabled or disabled for each of your events.

The Donate button will appear in Livestream embeds when the feature is enabled on an Event.

Enabling Donations on Your Events

Navigate to your account settings and click the Donations tab.

Click Connect Stripe to begin linking a Stripe account to your Livestream account.

Here, you can log in to your pre-existing Stripe account or complete the form to create a new Stripe account.

Important: Stripe is only compatible in the following listed countries:









United Kingdom

United States




Hong Kong









Unfortunately, customers outside of these countries will not be able to use this feature.


After filling in all your information, click Authorize access to this account.

Once you complete Stripe authorization, the Donations menu in your settings will indicate that a stripe account is now connected.

A Donate button will appear in the middle of your event page (when not live) or in the upper left corner (while broadcasting). This will allow any viewer to make a donation.

The donate button will not appear for viewers on a mobile device while your event is live. This is due to interface limitations of the mobile player.

Donating from an Event

When viewers click Donate, a pop-up window will open a secure form for them to enter their first and last name, donation amount, email address, and payment information. The transaction is handled entirely by Stripe.

Please note that at this time, donations can only be made in USD. Be mindful of this when deciding an amount to donate.

If viewers are having trouble getting to this window, they should disable any pop-up blockers.


After clicking donate, a window will indicate that they have donated and they will receive an email confirming their donation. You will also receive a daily email summarizing any donations made from each of your events. 

Disabling Donations for Certain Events

By default, donations will be acceptable for all of your events. You can disable donations for any particular event if you wish. In your event page, click the editor icon in the upper right corner.

Select the Advanced tab.

Uncheck Accept donations on this event, then click Update Settings.

The donate button will not appear on that particular event page.

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  • Avatar
    Steve Weed Productions

    Helpful feature.....

  • Avatar
    The Journey Advent Ministries

    Thank you! Love this feature!

  • Avatar
    Deland SDA Spanish Church

    Thank you for the information

  • Avatar
    Supreme Council

    Thanks, good feature and good information.

  • Avatar
    Mt.Olive House of Prayer

    Hi Emily, you said Donation works in Basic accounts, however, when I go click Donations in my account it says I need to upgrade to Enterprise...I signed up for the LiveStream account w/Mevo.

  • Avatar
    DECNTV Network

    Thank you for giving us ability to add the button DONATE

  • Avatar

    Hey JR,

    At this time, the Mevo plan does not support Donations. Donations are limited to the Basic plan and above.

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