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Streaming to Twitch

Livestream Studio offers direct integration with Twitch for producers who wish to stream their content there.

 In the Stream module, click the Twitch logo to start configuring your stream settings.

Scroll down in login window, enter your Twitch account information, and click Log In.

Set your game name, stream title. and ingestion location.

Scroll down further to select whether your broadcast should be archived in your Twitch account or not.

Clicking Advanced Settings will allow you to configure the quality to stream at and which network to stream out at (if there are multiple available). Click Done when you are finished configuring your settings.

Click Go Live when you are ready to start broadcasting. Livestream Studio will indicate that the stream has started and display your streaming status.

When you are ready to finish streaming, click the red Streaming button.

When you are not streaming, hover your mouse over the Twitch icon at the bottom of the module. You will find a link to your Twitch channel and can click the gearwheel to edit your settings. 

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