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How Do I Get Started with Livestream?

To get started with Livestream, you first need to create an account. Anyone can try Livestream free for 30 days with access all Enterprise-level features and the trial version of Livestream Studio.

Go to and select Get Started - For Free.

You can either select Sign Up below the desired plan or scroll down farther and select Start a Free 30-Day Trial.

You will be directed to a new page with the below form. Enter in the required information, including a login email and password; then select Start Your Trial.

Your trial account has been created. Click Continue to start using it.

Next, download the free Livestream Producer software onto your hard drive by clicking the blue Producer button. Close out of the pop-up window when the download completes; you will install the software in a later step.

A draft event page has automatically been created for you with the date as its title.

A countdown of your Enterprise trial period will be displayed at the top of your event page. Please also take note that during the trial period, you will be limited to three concurrent viewers and cannot stream for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

The white panel on the right side of your event page is your Editor drawer. This allows you to add content and edit settings for this event. You can open and close this drawer at any time by clicking the pencil icon.

Next Steps:


1.  Edit your event details.

2.  Configure other settings such as privacy options and geo-blocking.

3. Enable simulcasting to Facebook or a custom destination.

When you are done customizing your event, be sure to select Publish in the upper right corner of the event page to see all the sharing and embedding options available with your trial.

4.  Set up Livestream Producer and go live to this event.

5.  Edit your video-on-demand.

6.  Review your event's analytics.


You can either continue working on this default event throughout your trial or create new events if you wish.

When the 30 days expire, purchase a subscription to continue using Livestream.

Be sure to check your inbox for an email from confirming your Livestream email address.

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