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Streaming to YouTube via Livestream Studio

You can stream to your YouTube channel directly from Livestream Studio. There are two ways YouTube supports streaming: either their "Stream Now" option, or the Live Events Dashboard.


To get started, go to the Stream tab and select YouTube as a provider.

Login using your YouTube/Google credentials and allow Livestream Studio to access your account.

If you are using Google apps (i.e. an Google account that is not a standard address), you may need to authorize access to third-party applications in your Google account or via an admin.

Stream Now


Stream Now is an easy way to go live to your channel quickly.


After logging in, you will be presented with the option of selecting an event for your stream. Choose Stream now, then click Select.

Give your stream a title, choose its quality and aspect ratio, and make sure your network is online (i.e. the Network Dashboard says Ok on the right side).

When you are ready to start streaming, click Go Live in the bottom right corner.

Once you are live, hover the mouse over the YouTube logo. You can view your stream in your channel by clicking the URL in the menu that pops up.

To end the stream, click the red Streaming button in the bottom right corner.

The stream will end immediately.


Live Events Dashboard


Streaming to YouTube via the Events dashboard is ideal if you would prefer to announce a planned event before going live.


In a browser, go to your YouTube account. Click on your profile image in the upper right corner and enter your Creator Studio.

On the left side of the window, select Events under the Live Streaming menu. Schedule a new event if you have not already done so.

After creating an event, you will be redirected to your Ingestion Settings. You must select a stream key in order to go live, even though your event will have populated in Livestream Studio. Either type of stream key will work; to learn more about YouTube stream key settings, see the Ingestion Settings section in this article.


Back in Livestream Studio, select your event from the dropdown menu after logging in.

Give your stream a title and select a quality and aspect ratio. Press the Go Live button to start sending the signal to YouTube. Note that per YouTube’s workflow, it will not be live immediately.

Back in YouTube, navigate back to the Live Control Room for your event.

After some time (typically less than a minute), YouTube will indicate that your stream is ready to be previewed. Click the Preview button to load the stream preview.

Wait a few more seconds and YouTube will be ready to take your stream live. Click the ‘Start Streaming’ button to start broadcasting your stream to your YouTube event.

The YouTube player will soon switch from the countdown clock to showing your stream from Livestream Studio.

When you are ready to finish broadcasting your event, go back to your Live Control Room in YouTube and click Stop Streaming.

Your event is now over, and you can press the Streaming button in Livestream Studio to stop sending your signal to YouTube.

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