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Using HD550 Direct Audio Inputs

HD550 users have the ability to plug in an XLR or ¼” audio input directly into their unit without the need for a USB adapter. 

Please note that these inputs support mic level audio signals only. If your audio equipment is line level, see here for a workaround.


When you plug in your audio source, be sure to add it as an audio input by going to Settings: Audio In, and click the + button.

When you click Save, you will see the source in the audio mixer. You may notice a very low level of sound coming in.

This low level of audio may appear regardless if your source is connected or not.

This white noise should not exceed -48dB on either input. It is characteristic of all USB-based PC audio devices and is virtually inaudible. 

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    Perry Local Schools

    I think we answered our own questions...Never mind! We streamed an "audio only" football game last Friday night. Because it was a playoff game, our state athletic administration does not allow live video. This was our first attempt at streaming just audio. We plugged 2 XLR mics into the system and changed the settings. We were able to get the sound, but it was quiet and there was a "white noise" hum the entire time. Any idea why we got that? We have to stream another audio only football game this week. 

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