Desktop Preferences Menu

Livestream Producer has the ability to capture your desktop, which is great for streaming slide shows or video players. 

  • Show Mouse: Enable/disable the visibility of your mouse during the broadcast.
  • Show Preview: Enable/disable the preview window in the control bar.
  • Highlight mouse: Enable/disable the option to highlight the mouse pointer and set pixel width.
  • Minimize windows when broadcasting: Enable/disable the Producer window during broadcast.
  • Don't show me any more quality suggestions: Enable/disable tips for quality.
  • Save video to file (Videos folder): Record your broadcast locally and save it to your video folder. This is strongly recommended to ensure backup.
  • Background: Choose the background displayed during 3D Mix mode.
  • Start capture 2nd monitor: Screen capture from either your primary or secondary display.
  • Switch to basic scheme: Switch your desktop display settings to improve performance – Windows Vista/7 only.
  • Restart stream: Configure the stream to restart the broadcast every X hours.
  • Effect Render Method: Allows the user to select the type of graphics rendering utilized by the Screen Capture mode.
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