Going Live with Broadcaster mini

There are multiple ways to go live with the Broadcaster mini.


Note: Make sure you are satisfied with your settings beforehand. They cannot be changed while you are streaming.


On the Broadcaster mini device, press the 'Go Live' button the side. Press it again to stop streaming.

Open the mobile app while the Broadcaster is connected and paired. Tap the navigation menu icon in the upper left corner, followed by the gearwheel icon to enter settings.

Select ‘Livestream Broadcaster.’

Select your connected Broadcaster mini.

You will be able to see a preview of your camera. Tap the red button to go live to your event.

You can stop the stream via the app by tapping the red square on the right.

You can also go live via a desktop web browser. Go to the event page to which you want to stream and click the Editor icon, then 'Live Tools.'

The first option available is the Livestream Broadcaster. You should see your device 'Online and Idle.' Click it to proceed.

You will see a preview thumbnail of your video with additional settings below. You can either scroll down to configure settings or click the red 'Go Live' button to start streaming from your Broadcaster.

Once you are live, you can track your stream time, bitrate, and connection strength. Click 'Stop Broadcast' to end the stream.

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