Where Do I Redeem My Voucher Code?

If you have received a voucher code for Livestream and your account is currently FREE, you can redeem the service by following the steps below.

Log into your account at livestream.com.

Click your profile image, then click 'Settings.'

Select the 'Plans' tab and click on the 'Upgrade' button next to the plan that the voucher is good for (e.g. Basic).


Note: You MUST choose the plan type that is equal to the voucher code type. If the plan type does not match the code, your voucher will not work. 

Once you've clicked on the plan, you will see an option to enter your voucher code.

You will also be prompted to apply a credit card for authentication. Note that you will not be charged unless your voucher has expired and you did not downgrade the plan before expiration.

If you already have a plan and would like to apply a voucher code to your existing paid account, please create a support ticket for assistance. 

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