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Bringing an iOS Camera Signal into Livestream Studio™

Livestream Studio allows you to use your iOS device as a remote camera source. You will need a Livestream account in order to use this feature.

Download the Livestream iOS application.


Connect your iOS device via Wi-Fi to the same network as your Livestream Studio system. Open the Livestream iOS application, tap the menu icon in the upper right, then tap the gear wheel. This will open the application settings.


Tap "Studio Remote Camera" and make sure Studio Remote Camera is enabled.


Then select the blue Livestream Studio Remote Camera bar.

If you have not added a remote camera as an input, go to Settings: Inputs. Click the + button to add a new input and select Remote Camera from the video input drop-down menu.


Open the Remote Cam tab. You will find a list of all remote camera devices currently connected to your network. Find your iOS device from the list of devices. Now you use your iOS Device as a camera source in your Livestream Studio production.

If you click on the gear wheel next to your remote iOS source, you can change settings such as which camera is being used and at what resolution.

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  • Avatar
    AIPCA Video

    Had an issue with Livestream not recognizing iPad as remote camera. Livestream tech support quickly determined that Bonjour app was not present in Services. Once Bonjour was uploaded, and Livestream restarted, iPad is recognized.

  • Avatar
    Josh Arnold

    PC is connected through network cable (not WiFi) and can't locate iPhone 6s as a video source since it is connected through WiFi. Is there a way to connect when computer is hard-connected to network and video source is on WiFi?

  • Avatar
    You Content

    I have the same question, Josh.

  • Avatar
    Tanya Hutchins

    Is anyone going to answer Josh's question? We are hard wired, as well. I see the iOS camera but it doesn't appear that I can turn it around to selfie mode to participate in an interview.

  • Avatar

    Hi Josh! This is possible, as long as your PC and your iPhone 6s are connected under the same Subnet mask.

    Hi Tanya, when using the Livestream app as a Studio remote camera, the camera on the front of the phone is disabled, so what you are seeing is expected behavior.

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