Overview of Media Playback Module in Livestream Studio™


Livestream Studio has two built-in Media Player Channels (Media Bins). Click the 'Media 1' or 'Media 2' tab to access the corresponding Media Player module. 

Importing Clips: To add a clip to the selected Media Player channel, click the “+” button at the bottom left of the Media Player module and select the locally hosted file. Add as many clips to a media player playlist as desired. Once added, you can rename clips by double clicking on their displayed names within the playlist.
Livestream Studio also has a built-in transcoder. To avoid any further transcoding of videos, the software requires AVI files with MJPEG Video Codec and uncompressed PCM audio (48Khz). Livestream Studio supports audio only clips in the form of MP3, WAV, and AAC files.
For best practice, the video clip resolution and frame rate must match Livestream Studio’s user selected video format (Settings > Project Format).
Transcoder: Livestream Studio encodes other video files to the required file type and specification of the project. When importing a clip that does not match the project settings, Livestream Studio™ automatically transcodes the file.

Transcoding time depends on the length of the clip. All transcoded files will be stored in the “My Videos” folder. (Computer >> Local Disk (C:) >> Users >> “User” >> My Videos  >> Transcoding).


Tip: When multiple read/write processes are in play (media, GFX, recording), we recommend using multiple media sources/destinations. This will improve overall performance of the system.

Remove Clips: To remove a clip from the media player playlist, click the “X” next to the clip name.
Clip Playback Control: To control playback on a clip, use the playback tools at the bottom of the clip preview window.

Setting Clip In and Out Points: To set an in or out point on an imported clip, navigate to the desired timecode and click the 'In' or 'Out' point set button.

Autoplay: When selected, clips will automatically play when a transition to the associated Media Player channel is triggered. When a clip is twenty seconds or less from its endpoint, the media player preview window will highlight yellow. When a clip is ten seconds or less from its endpoint, the media player preview window will highlight red.
Playlist Mode: When selected, the associated media bin will act as a playlist.
Loop Play: When selected, clips or playlists will loop play until the option is deselected.
Clips recorded locally on Livestream Studio are available for immediate use in media players once recording is terminated. 

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