Hi-Resolution ISO Recording

With Livestream Studio you can record up to four hi-resolution isolated camera recordings, or ISOs.


What is an ISO? 


ISO is an abbreviation for "Isolated". When referring to cameras or video production, it indicates that the individual camera video signals are being isolated and recorded independently of each other and the final mix.  These files can be used later for further editing offline or Live replay during or after an event. 


Configuring your ISO Recording options: 


Visit the "Recording" section of the Livestream Studio™ preferences and select which of your available cameras you would like to record by clicking the check mark and choosing the desired camera from the drop-down menu to the right of it.

Along with the single cameras, you can also record the Program output in "Clean" or "Dirty" mode. 

  • Clean:   Without graphic overlays
  • Dirty:    With graphic overlays

By default the selected option is "Program (dirty)". 

Specify Record LocationChoose different locations for each ISO recording. This can help resolve any HDD performance related issues when recording multiple ISOs by spreading to multiple HDDs. 

Timecode:     Adjust the format of the timecode used in the saved recording. 

  • Relative to Start
  • Time of Day (clock) 

Recording Bitrate:     Adjusts the quality of the recorded file. The available options are: 

  • 25 mbps
  • 50 mbps
  • 75 mbps
  • 100 mbps 
  • 120 mbps

Note: Choosing a higher bitrate will result in a higher quality file but will also increase the file size. Make sure you have a large enough external HDD for your recording. 
Media BinSelect the media bin you would like your recordings to populate into, if any, for live playback.

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