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Configuring Input Settings

Each physical video input in Livestream Studio have individual configurations you can set in under the 'Input Settings' tab.

To open the input settings module for a given source, click the gearwheel icon next to the source’s display name in the multi-view or audio mixer, or select the desired source from the Input Settings drop-down menu.

General: This allows you to rename the source. If you prefer a different naming convention from CAM1, CAM2, etc., this is where you can adjust each source to your preferred names.

Audio: 16 audio channels per input source in stereo mode, or up to eight audio channels per input in mono mode, with the respective source fader.



Available audio channels are displayed for the selected source. In stereo mode, use the “L” and “R” buttons along the bottom of the module to assign left and right audio channels to the input source fader.


In mono mode, click the corresponding speaker icon button to assign input channels to the source fader. Each input channel has an individual level meter with gain control.


Converter: Allows for any form of video input to be converted to any type of video format in real-time. This allows producers to use different types of camera sources and formats. The video converter also has an auto-detect function that will recognize different formats instantly.

If the converter does not automatically detect the source format of the camera, select the converter tab to pick the format from a full range of 1080, 720, NTSC, and PAL options and convert it into the format that the current project is set to.


Crop: Allows you to crop your input's picture.


Tally: Activate and control a Tally Light system through Livestream Studio. After connecting the tally system via USB (we support Metasetz devices), click the 'tally' icon shown here and select and available tally port to assign to that camera. Repeat this step for each camera source. 

Delay: If you notice a discrepancy in synchronization between direct camera inputs and remote cameras, you can use the "Delay" feature. You can delay an individual input's video and audio by up to two seconds to help keep your sources in sync. This can resolve audio/video sync issues. 

Closed Captions: Livestream Studio can receive a closed captioning signal from a closed captioning encoder via SDI, and output to Livestream's live player. This is where you control which channel of closed captions come through.

This feature only works on the Livestream live player. It does not work for third-party players, and it does not save on video on demand clips.

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    Seb Ford

    I cannot get my input to appear in Livestream. I have selected the correct blackmagic card, correct input and correct resolution and fps, but it still says no signal detected. The input appears in Blackmagic Media Express, so I don't understand why it won't appear in Livestream. HDCP is definitely off on my input source.



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