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How to Install Livestream Studio™

Livestream Studio software can be downloaded onto any Windows 64-bit system from by clicking on the Download to Get Started button.

You must be logged into Windows as an Admin user in order to install and run Livestream Studio. You will also need an Internet connection for this entire process.

If you purchased a Livestream Studio hardware product (HD31, HD51, HD550, etc.), Livestream Studio software is already pre-installed on your unit.

The download will begin automatically. Open the .exe file.

It will bring you to the installation wizard for the Livestream Studio Launcher.

Agree to the license terms and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation process, then click Finish in the wizard.

The Livestream Studio Launcher will open, download the Studio software, and prompt you to install the software via another installation wizard.

When the installation is finished, the most recent version of Livestream Studio will launch on your system. 

When Studio finishes launching, you will see the following screen with a few options on how to proceed:

If you already have a Livestream account, simply click Log In in the upper right corner. Enter your account credentials and click the blue Log in button to proceed with using Livestream Studio.

If you do not have a Livestream account, you can either start a free trial or purchase Studio

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    Hello Ian as downloaded Livestream Studio if I have the license
  • Avatar
    Accidentally delete the program and I need to install
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    Webcasting PTY Limited

    I have installed onto a new machine with new Windows 7 (64-bit) install,

    with new hardware as follows;

    Gigabite - GA-Z170X-GAMING-6 motherboard
    I7 6700 CPU
    32GB RAM DDR4
    4 x Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Records (PCIe)
    1 x Blackmagic Design DeckLink Mini Monitor (PCIe)
    1 x 4Tb HD
    1 x 120Mb SSHD
    1 x Asus radeon r7 360 graphics card

    I ran a test today with 2000Kb stream and ISO recording of two inputs and the unit reached over 95% CPU capacity, it kicked the stream off, I toned it down by just running the stream and no ISO and the unit still hit 95% CPU again, but stream did not drop this time, when it hit 95% first time and dropped stream, it also says that resources are maxed out, can you offer me any suggestions or fixes for this? I feel I have followed the exact specs required and in some cases gone beyond what was required. But not sure why the means it is running as high as 98%?

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    Klausjp Ontheroadagain

    how can I install it to a d drive, my c drive is low on space

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