How Do I Find a Specific Event or Account in the Livestream Roku Channel?

The Livestream TV Roku channel is available on all Roku streaming devices for free.


Any event streamed on the Livestream platform, regardless of the plan type, can now be seen on your television.

To add the Livestream channel to your Roku, you can either search for Livestream TV under Internet TV, or add it here:

When you launch the Livestream channel, you will be brought to the main screen which displays featured events on Livestream.

If you are looking for a particular account or event, use your Roku remote to scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find the search feature.


Enter the account ID, the Event Name or the key word search tags to find the events you'd like to watch.

When you press the OK button on your remote while you have an event selected, it will load the stream or video on-demand and start playing on your TV.

If you can't find an event on the Livestream Roku channel, it’s possible that:

  • It is not being produced on the Livestream platform.
  • The event is not public or is hidden from search.
  • There is no archived or live video in the event. Empty events will not appear. 

There is currently no login option on the Livestream Roku channel app, so you will not see any accounts that you are following if you have an account.

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