Connect and Pair the Broadcaster V1

Plug in an Ethernet cable, 3G/4G USB Modem, or make sure your Wi-Fi is up and running.
Choose the power source you want to use - either Battery or the AC wall adapter.
Connect your Camera to the Broadcaster using an HDMI cable.
Power it on! You should see a Livestream logo on start-up.
Choose your connection method from the menu.

Pair the Broadcaster to your Livestream Account. The Broadcaster will display a 5-digit code. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions.
Select the Event and Quality.

You can adjust the video input, audio input, and channels. More info on the Broadcaster's supported streaming qualities can be found here.
Push 'Go Live' from the home screen.

Monitor the stream from the device.

You'll get a live readout of stream time and outgoing Kbps, along with a connection strength indicator (e.g. Perfect)
When you're done streaming, press the Stop button.
Post the video, save it as a draft, or delete it.

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