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What are the Streaming Quality Options for the Broadcasters?

The Livestream Broadcasters include a variety of single-bitrate quality settings, all available in Adaptive or Fixed modes.

The Broadcaster devices only support single bitrate encoding. Below is a list of the available streaming qualities accompanied by the bit-rate:

  • Mobile (198kbps) - 480x270 - Video Bitrate: 150 - Audio Bitrate: 48
  • Normal (446kbps) - 512x288 - Video Bitrate: 350 - Audio Bitrate: 96
  • Medium (678kbps) - 768x432 - Video Bitrate: 550 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • High (1696kbps) - 848x480 - Video Bitrate: 1500 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • HD (2128kbps) - 1280x720 - Video Bitrate: 2000 - Audio Bitrate: 128
  • *HD+ (5192kbps) - 1920x1080 - Video Bitrate: 5000 - Audio Bitrate: 192

*Available on Broadcaster mini and Broadcaster Pro only. Learn more about using HD+.

Livestream recommends allowing twice as much upload speed on your network as the bitrate you wish to stream at to allow for a steady stream should any connectivity fluctuations occur.

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