Connect and Pair the Broadcaster Pro


Plug your Broadcaster Pro into a power source and switch the power on.

The first step the Broadcaster Pro will prompt you to take is to connect to the Internet. It will automatically scan for the most available option, but you can also direct it how to connect by pressing in the joystick next to 'Menu.'

You will see two options: 'Connect via...' and 'Stream Mode.' Press in the joystick to select 'Connect via...'

You have the option to choose between Ethernet, Wireless and USB 3G/4G. Use the bottom joystick to toggle to your preferred option and press it in once that option is selected.

All connection types have an Auto-Scan or Manual option. Unless you know your IP or USB modem information, select 'Automatic' or 'Scan.'

In the image below shows a list of available Wireless networks within the Broadcaster Pro's range. Use the bottom joystick to select which one you want to use.

Note: You will be prompted to enter a password if the network is secure. Use the joystick to toggle between characters, then select 'OK'

Once the network connects, the Broadcaster Pro will sync with Livestream.

Next, it will display a 5-digit pairing code. While logged into your account, go to, or go to your Account Settings and enter the Devices menu.

Give your Broadcaster Pro a name and enter the 5 digit code displayed on the device. Then click 'Pair.'

Your Broadcaster Pro will automatically load all of your events. Use the joystick to choose which event you want to stream to.

Once you have selected your event, navigate to the Quality menu. Here is where you select the bitrate you want to stream at. You should choose this based on the available upload speed on your local network.

Return to the main screen and press the top button next to the 'Go Live' notification.

The display will ask if you wish to notify your followers. Use the joystick to choose Yes or No, and then press it in.

You are now live on your event page.

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