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FAQ: How to Access Original Livestream

My Original Livestream channel URL now redirects to an account on New Livestream. Where is my channel?

Your channel is still active, but because a New Livestream account exists with the same short name, we were unable automatically redirect it from to

Rather than, you and your viewers can find it at If you have posted a link to your channel anywhere, you should replace it with the correct URL.

Did anything else with my Original Livestream account change?

No. All of your video content and embeds are still active and do not need to be adjusted or replaced. You will still login and access your account center at  If you have a Premium channel or network plan, your billing cycle and pricing has not changed. 

Are other URLs on Original Livestream impacted?

While all other Original Livestream pages will move to the domain (e.g.,, any pre-existing links to them will not be broken.

Does this affect any URLs on New Livestream?

All URLs on New Livestream will simply be “” (not or

Why did the URLs change?

This was done in an effort to distinguish Original Livestream from New Livestream. This has not always been clear to customers and this URL change is meant to alleviate any confusion.

Is Original Livestream going away?

At this time, there are no immediate plans to discontinue Original Livestream. However, it is our legacy platform and we are not adding any new features to it.

If you have any further questions about the status of Original Livestream, please contact us.

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