Where Is My Premium, Enterprise, or Studio Support PIN?

Where your support PIN lives depends on whether you have phone support via your subscription or through your Livestream Studio purchase.

Premium and Enterprise Account PIN

Note: This only applies for Premium or Enterprise accounts. All customers have the option to open a ticket.

Log in to your account at livestream.com.


If you have a Premium or Enterprise account, your PIN will appear in the upper left corner of the help center.

It also appears when you click Contact Us in the upper right corner of the help center on the right side of the page.

Livestream Studio - Within the Application: 


Once you've launched Livestream Studio, open up your settings in the upper right hand corner by clicking on the gear wheel icon. 

This will open up your general settings. Click the 'Support' tab and you'll find your support PIN as well as the contact info for our support line. 

Livestream Studio - Within the Serial Number


If you are unable to turn on your Studio unit to get the PIN from the software, you can also get the PIN by looking at the product's serial number.


All Livestream products have UPC codes that identify a certain group of items (HD51, Software, etc). However, our products also have serial numbers that go on the outside of each box to identify specific units within the larger group. 


Livestream serial numbers are 14 digits long. The numbers may look completely random, but they are not. They all have specific prefixes, suffixes, and PIN numbers hidden inside for identification purposes.


The middle 8 X's are the unique Studio PIN that reflects the PIN number programmed onto the hardware or software dongle when the unit is made.  

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