Can My Stream Be on the Livestream Roku and tvOS Apps?

The Livestream TV channel on Roku and Apple TV allows viewers to watch your events via their Roku or Apple TV devices on their televisions.

Viewers can search for your account or event within the Livestream TV channel to watch your live streams or archived videos. Any content that you stream to your Livestream event pages will be viewable on the Livestream TV Roku channel and tvOS app as well.

If you don't want viewers to be able to search for your account or events, you can disable this feature with any paid plan.

When you are logged into your Livestream account, navigate to 'Settings.'

Select the 'Advanced' tab on the left. Then under the 'Account Visibility' section, make sure 'Always shown' is selected. Then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

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