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Can I Stream With My DSLR Camera?

Streaming via a DSLR camera is generally not recommended; DSLR cameras are not designed for extended use as a video camera.

Some DSLRs have default settings designed to shut off the camera after extended use or if the sensor gets too hot.

We recommend consulting your camera's manufacturer to ensure that your DSLR camera will be capable of extended video use with the HDMI output.

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    Jesse Adrian Scanlon

    The process is possible but incredibly convoluted and unreliable. For instance, with a Canon DSLR, one may use the Canon eos desktop software to display a live-view window, and then you'd have to capture that window with a 3rd party program (introducing more lag), and then go through a tedious process to broadcast it. At the end of the day, not worth the trouble, but yes, possible, in agreement with the official reply.

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