How Do I Use the Teradek Cube to Stream to Livestream?

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This workflow has changed since Teradek's introduction of their Teradek Core cloud system. We are in the process of updating this article to reflect Teradek's new best practices. 



The Teradek Cube is a hardware H.264 encoder that streams directly to Livestream over Wifi, Verizon 4G or ethernet connection. Attach to any video camera with battery power or use it with external power and an Ethernet connection. Simply configure the Teradek Cube with your Livestream account and you’re ready to go live.

Latest Firmware


We highly recommend installing the latest version of the Cube Firmware. The latest version is available for download here:

Setting up the cube


To get started using the Cube, first you are going to need to connect the Cube to your computer using an Ethernet cable. This will allow you to configure your Cube and enable it to be located on the network.


1. Connect the Cube to the video source you will be streaming with
2. Next connect the Cube to your Internet connection using an Ethernet cable
3. Connect the Cube to a power source and wait for it to boot-up

The next step is to configure your Cube depends on which version of the Teradek Cube you have. Newer versions have a built-in LED display in which you can toggle to the Cube's assigned IP address. Enter this IP address into a web browser to access the Teradek login page.


Older versions of the Teradek Cube will need to access settings via Safari & Bonjour.


Open Preferences and navigate to the 'Advanced' tab. Select the options to ‘Include Bonjour’ in the Bookmarks Menu and Favorites bar.

To connect to the Cube, click on the ‘Airport’ icon at the top right to drop down the window that lists your computers available devices. Select the Cube Model listed and wait for the device to connect.

Next, navigate to the Bookmarks menu and highlight Bonjour. On the drop down menu you should see your cube listed, this represents you are successfully connected on the network.

Click on your device and this will launch the Teradek Cube Setup Wizard

Log on to the Cube’s Menu System:

Enter the Username and Password and click 'Login.' The Dashboard appears.


Note: The default Username and Password is admin. You can change the password in the System > Password Change menu.


Once you have successfully logged in through the Menu System, you will land at the Dashboard. Here you can find a thumbnail of the video you are streaming from your Cube, as well as Video configurations, Network Information, and the option to select Preset Mode or Custom Mode.

Video Setup


Click on the 'Video Setup' tab. You can adjust Device Settings and Encoder Settings as you need to. To setup your stream to Livestream, click 'Stream Settings.'

On the Stream Settings page, set Stream Mode to 'Live Internet Streaming.'

Under 'Service Provider,' select 'The New Livestream.'

In the fields that appear below, enter the email address and password associated with your Livestream account.

Once logged in, choose your event from the dropdown menu. You can also choose whether or not to notify your followers when you start streaming. 

When you are ready to start broadcasting, click 'Go Live.' The Broadcast Status will indicate that you are Broadcasting and you can click on the Event Link to view your stream.

Select if you want your video on demand to be published right away ('Post'), saved in draft mode ('Save'), or not saved at all on the Livestream platform ('Delete'). 


When your event is over, click 'Stop Broadcast.' If you selected 'Post,' your video on-demand will appear under the Posts drawer on your event page.

Cube Tips

To update Cube tp the latest Firmware, go to and download the latest firmware.

In the Cube’s web interface, click 'System' and select 'Firmware Upgrade.'


Click 'Choose File.' Select the firmware update file. Then click 'Upgrade.'

Note: Do not unplug Cube during firmware upgrade and reboot process!


 Cube LED Function Info

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