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Import & Export Recorded Files Using Adobe Premiere Pro

First, make sure you have Blackmagic Design Desktop Video installed on your system. Go to, select 'Capture and Playback,' and download Desktop Video.

  • Open Adobe Premiere Pro and choose a new project
  • Select the capture format
  • Select the sequence settings

Important: These should match the video format settings of the Livestream Studio Project

Import the video clip.

  • Go to: File > Import
  • Select the video file and select open.

The imported file should appear in the clip bin.

  • Drag the clip into the timeline.

The user will be prompted to change or keep sequence settings. Choose “Keep sequence settings.”

Exporting video clips:

  • Go to File > Export > Media
  • Select “Match Sequence Settings”
  • Enter an output name.
  • Click “Export”
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