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Importing a Twitter Feed

You can include a graphics layer of a Twitter feed as a graphics overlay in Livestream Studio. To get started, you may want to consider downloading a Twitter template from the Livestream Graphics Store.

When you import the Livestream Graphic, you will be prompted to log in to a Twitter account. This is simply to authorize the Twitter application in Livestream Studio.

The layer module will open with a default account. Click the gearwheel to enter the graphic’s settings.

Select a username or hashtag to poll. Keep in mind that you must include '#' in the front of hashtags and '@' in front of usernames. When you have typed in the desired asset, press Enter.

On the right, tweets from that username or hashtag will load on the right. Further settings will also become available to you on the left.

You can select how often Livestream Studio should look for new tweets. Newer tweets appear at the top of the module.

You can also tell Livestream Studio how many tweets to look for within a certain time frame. Select Read Only if you do not want to be able to edit the tweets.

Scroll down in the settings to configure any desired Auto-Loop options.

You can adjust the placement, size, font, and color of any of the data fields in the GFX Designer.

If you do not wish to use a Livestream Graphics template, you can also create your own by selecting Twitter from the graphics menu.

Follow the login steps as you did before, then open the GFX Designer. Click on the list button in the Twitter layer, and you can add any data field from Twitter such as the tweet, username, avatar, etc.

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    This is such an awesome add to my live event! Thanks Livestream!

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