Importing Videos into Media Playback Module

Livestream Studio™ has a video transcoder built into its Media bins. Previous versions of Livestream Studio™ required .AVI files with MJPEG Video Codec and uncompressed PCM audio (48Khz) in order to work within the software. 


Now, Livestream Studio™ transcodes files when adding different file types to the media bin. 

In your media bin, press the '+' button in the bottom left corner.

Browse your computer for your video, then click open.

Livestream Studio will begin transcoding your video immediately.

Note: Transcoding time depends on the clip length.

If you are having trouble transcoding your video, check that it can successfully playback in Windows Media Player. Videos that cannot be played in Window Media Player will likely not be able to be transcoded in Livestream Studio's media bins.

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    Jim Akeson

    Then how do you move to the next step and put this video in the GFX # list? or how do you get it to scroll from video to video?

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