File Types Recorded by Livestream Studio™

Livestream Studio's hi-resolution ISO recordings are saved as Motion JPEG .avi at the selected project format spec. Recordings are saved in a user selected destination folder (by default, you can find the files in the Videos folder). 


Clips recorded locally on Livestream Studio are available for immediate use in Media Bins even while the recording is still active. Additionally, clips recorded locally on Livestream Studio are available for immediate use with Blackmagic Media Express, as well as editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc.) with the Blackmagic codec pack installed.


In addition to hi-resolution ISO recordings, Livestream Studio has options to record smaller, H.264 .mp4 files.

By default, Livestream Studio records an H.264 .mp4 file while you are streaming as a back-up recording. You can find the options for this under the 'Streaming' tab in settings.

To do an .mp4 recording without streaming, go to the 'Stream' tab, then select 'Stream to File.'

You can choose where the .mp4 gets saved to. You also have the option to record each bitrate you select in the next step (unchecking this option will only record the highest quality).

Title your recording, select it's quality and aspect ratio. When you are ready to start encoding, click 'Go Live' at the bottom.

Click the red 'Streaming' button to stop the recording.

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