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Troubleshooting Steps: Not Seeing Input Source

If you are unable to receive a video signal in your Studio software please make sure you confirm the following:


Are you using a Blackmagic or Magewell capture device?


Livestream Studio will best work with video signals from certified Blackmagic Design capture devices. Magewell cards are also supported. If you are using a non-Blackmagic device there is a chance your signal will not appear in the software.

Check here for our list of supported devices.




Are you getting a video signal in Blackmagic Media Express?


Click the Start button and search for Media Express, then click Blackmagic Media Express to open the program. Select the Log and Capture tab to display the video input. Click Edit on the menu bar at the top of the program and select Preferences, then confirm that your Project Video Format matches the format of your video source.

If you receive a video signal in Media Express, you should check Studio's video format settings. If you do not receive a video signal in Media Express, confirm you are connected to the correct input and your camera is configured properly (e.g. SDI or HDMI correctly selected).


Does Livestream Studio's video format match your input source?


Open Studio's Preferences by clicking the gearwheel icon at the top right-hand side of the program window. In the Project Format tab at the left-hand side of the Preferences window, and choose the video format that matches your input source's format. Please note that all your input sources should match Studio's video format setting.



Are you connected to the correct input of your Blackmagic device?


Generally, Blackmagic Design doesn't specifically mark the input/outputs of the device on the actual hardware. Please check your capture device's documentation to confirm the proper input.



Is your camera configured properly?


Many cameras with multiple output formats allow you to define your specific output method. Check your camera's settings to confirm your are properly configured for HD-SDI, HDMI or analog, depending on your input to the Blackmagic Design device.



Does your camera output to an external display?


Connect the camera's output to an external display such as a monitor to verify the video signal. If you do not receive a signal, try a new wire of the same type or double-check your camera's settings.



If all of the above fail please contact Livestream Support by going to Livestream Studio settings and navigating to the Support tab. You will find contact information and your Support PIN there. 

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  • Avatar
    Richard Genck

    Some tips I wish the article had gone over were as follows:

    I was unable to use the Desktop Media Setup program, it wasn't recognizing my capture card. I eventually uninstalled the whole program, restarted my computer, then reinstalled, and restarted my computer again. It finally came up, and I was able to select the input I needed.

    I was still unable to see my video on OBS, and because I had OBS running it kept saying the BlackMagic Media Express program was not installed. Close any programs that might be using your camera, then open BlackMagic Media Express, and you should be able to try different inputs easily from there.

    By the way, you can find the drivers on their Software page, but the latest update is hidden, difficult to find, not intuitive. Press "Ctrl F" and do a word search to find the latest version of Media Express and Desktop Media Setup.

    The whole process took me about 3 days to finally get totally set up, switching from SDI to HDMI and having it come up smoothly, but there is hope. Contact customer support if needed.

    Edited by Richard Genck
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