Adding Input Sources

Navigate to Settings (gearwheel in the upper right corner of Studio), and then the ‘Inputs’ tab. This is where you can choose every input source to use in your production, including graphics overlays, media, remote cameras, etc.

All paid Livestream Studio systems allow for up to 25 direct camera inputs via Blackmagic or Magewell devices, webcams, and local screen captures. The free version of Livestream Studio only allows for 2 camera inputs.

Notice that on the bottom left corner of the window, there are ‘+’ and ‘-' buttons. These allow you to add or remove inputs.

Start on the 'Video Source' column. Click on the dropdown menu to select your source.

One source you will notice is your computer's screen. Select this to add a local screen capture as an input.

Note: This feature was designed for systems with multiple monitors connected. Please note that local screen capturing will increase CPU usage.


Select the desired audio input method from the 'Audio Source' dropdown for each associated input channel. Some Blackmagic capture devices, such as the DeckLink Quad or DeckLink Mini Recorder, will only support embedded audio through their SDI and HDMI inputs. Other Blackmagic cards, such as DeckLink Studio, will support embedded, analog, or AES/EBU audio via the provided Blackmagic breakout cable.

Note: Blackmagic analog audio inputs MUST be accompanied by a video input source to be active. If video is not coming into the card, audio will not come through either.


You will notice that under the 'Name' column, your sources are labeled automatically. If you want to use your own names, click on that source’s name and type in your preferred name for that source.

If you have a Studio Surface or Surface Go connected to your system, you can assign the tracks under the 'Surface' column. If you do not have Studio Surface, your only option will be ‘None.’

You can reorder your inputs by dragging and dropping them from the left side.

When you are finished configuring your inputs, click 'Save' in the upper right corner. Your sources will appear in your multi-view in the order that you set them to.

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