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Using 4K Project Formats

Starting with Livestream Studio version 3.0, producers can use 4K video capture cards to bring 4K video signals into Livestream Studio.


Important: While you can record and output in 4K, you can only stream in 4K if you are able to enable hardware encoding.


In settings, under the ‘Project Format’ menu, there is an option for 'Broadcast Standard.' 

Earlier versions of Livestream Studio only had the options shown under High Definition mode.

Additional broadcast standards are now supported: Ultra HD, Low CPU Performance, and Low Definition modes.


Selecting ‘Ultra HD’ will allow you to choose a 4K format as your Project Format. This means that you can use 4K cameras with supported 4K capture cards to bring in 4K video signals.

Any camera sources that are not in 4K can be converted under the ‘Input Settings’ tab. Please note that using the converter may increase your CPU.

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