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Setting Your Project Format

Click on the gear wheel in the upper right corner of Livestream Studio, then navigate to the Project Format tab.

Here you have a wide variety of broadcast quality formats to choose from.


Tip: If you are planning to stream, either a 1080p or 720p format will produce the best quality, as they eliminate the need to de-interlace. All formats will be true broadcast quality when recording and outputting the video.

Check each camera’s settings to ensure that they all match each other as well as your project format. This will keep your CPU usage low. 


Project Video Format: Defines the project format for Livestream Studio operation. It's best practice for all of your video input sources to match this format. Output format will also match this selection unless downconversion is necessary.

Project Audio Format: Allows selection of mono or stereo audio operation.

Multi-View Deinterlacing Method: Depending on your project video format (interlaced or progressive), you will have a number of options for how Livestream Studio deinterlaces your video inputs to your multi-view. You can adjust this setting to match the abilities of your screen.


Broadcast Standard: Allows you to choose different project formats based on the hardware you are using. 'Low CPU Performance' and 'Low Definition mode' will remove certain options that allow for a low-performance computer to run Studio better. 'Ultra HD' will allow for outputting and recording in 4K formats, however streaming will still max out at 1080p (or 720p, depending on the selected streaming provider).

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