Recommended Hardware Specifications for Livestream Studio™

Below are the minimum recommended hardware specifications for Livestream Studio.

  • CPU: 6 (hexa) Core Intel® i7 4th generation or better
  • Motherboard: Intel® X79** chipset or better
  • GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce 620 or better
  • RAM: 16-32GB DDR3 1333 MHz or better
  • HDD: 1TB free (7200RPM/SSD preferred) or better
  • Video Input/Output: Blackmagic Design® capture and playback devices.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) or better with Microsoft® DirectX® End-User Runtime 10 or better.


If you do not own a computer that meets these specifications or do not have the budget to purchase one, you can instead invest in a less expensive CPU with Intel Quick Sync or an NVIDIA GPU that supports NVENC, which both can take the video encoding load off of your CPU via Livestream Studio's hardware encoding feature.


Note: Livestream Studio is not compatible with Windows 32-bit systems; it must be a Windows 64-bit system.


**If you intend to use USB 3.0 capture devices for any video input or output, we recommend your motherboard have an Intel X99 chipset, as X79 chipsets do not support these USB 3.0 devices. Please see Blackmagic's notice regarding USB 3.0 device support.




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  • Avatar
    Can I install studio to my trickster 40
  • Avatar
    Hi there - Theoretically yes, but we don't recommend it. You would need different capture cards for your camera sources.
  • Avatar
    Josh Moore

    Do these requirements for studio also apply for the free version?

  • Avatar
    Shawn Behnke

    What about using AMD processors (8-core)?

  • Avatar
    Shawn Behnke

    And dual PCI-e video cards?

  • Avatar
    tem baht

    What different when use higher or very fast graphic card than you recommended card. Is it helpful?

  • Avatar
    Ludovic Allouch

    Are Xeon Processors better than i7 for livestream studio?

  • Avatar
    Harvest Outreach Ministry International Inc

    Are these hardware requirements mandatory for livestream studio version 4.1.20?

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