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Network Resource Unavailable When Installing Studio

There is a known issue when attempting to install Livestream Studio on your Windows PC after rolling back your Windows version. Below outlines what the issue looks like and how to resolve it.

We have specifically seen this behavior when customers have rolled back from Windows 10 version 1709 to Windows 10 version 1703, but it possible with other Windows rollbacks as well.


After rolling back Windows, if you attempt to install Livestream Studio on your PC again, you may see a message indicating that a network resource is unavailable.

What happened is that Windows damaged some of Studio's data in the registry during the rollback.


To fix this, run the installer of the version of Studio you were running prior to the Windows rollback; if you are seeing this error, it was likely not the most recent version. You can find downloads to all of our previous installers in the Version History article.


Since technically this version of Studio already exists on your PC, the installation wizard will prompt you with options to Remove or Repair it; select Remove. This will fix the registry damage and thus allow you to install any version of Livestream Studio.

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