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Media Playback in Web Control

You can import videos from Dropbox into your Media bins via a Web Control supported browser.

Open Web Control for your Studio system. If you have not already integrated a Dropbox account with Studio, you can do so by opening the Settings menu in the upper right corner, then navigating to the Dropbox tab. The steps to integrate Dropbox with Studio are the same with Web Control.

Once Dropbox is connected to Studio, select one of the Media tabs in Web Control and click the + button in the bottom left corner.

Any video file that is stored in your selected Dropbox folder will appear in the pop-up menu. Select the file you wish to import into Studio.

The file will begin transcoding. When transcoding completes, you will see a thumbnail of the clip on the right side of the panel.

All player controls and options function exactly the same way in Web Control as they do in the Studio software.

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