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What is Studio Web Control?

Studio Web Control allows you to give yourself or others access to a Livestream Studio system directly from a supported browser.

On your Studio system, go to settings, then click the Web Control tab. Click the checkbox next to Enable Web Control to see more options.

First, you will see a Studio ID and a Web Control Link. These are used to add users to your Studio system.

You can use the default ID that populates, or create your own by clicking the pencil icon to edit it. Click save when you are done, or cancel to keep the previous name.

Below is your list of allowed users that you have invited to your Studio Web Control. You can also adjust how much access each user has to your Studio.

Finally you can choose how your Studio Web Control is laid out in the module below. Choose a layout and drag and drop sources you wish to see into the position you want them in.

When you log into Studio Web Control using your Livestream or Vimeo account credentials, any Studio system you have been added to will be listed below as offline or online. Select your online Studio.


"Offline" indicates that your main Studio system is not running. Studio must be running in order for someone to use web control.

A window such as the one below will open for users granted Full Access:

Here is where those users will be able to the see and control the multiview, control the audio mixer, operate the transition controls as well as insert mid-roll advertisements and fade to black. They can also click the menu icon in the upper right corner to change their view and log out.


Read only users will see a similar window to those given Full Access, with the exception of a ‘Read Only’ ribbon in the upper right control. These users can see every part of the interface that Full Access users can, but they cannot control it or make any changes.


Users granted access to the multiview will see something similar to below, depended on your layout settings.

They can click on the sources to put into Preview and Program. They can also click Stream and Record at the top of the module to go live and start recording, respectively.


Users granted access to controls only will see the audio mixer, stream module, GFX modules, all the options seen under the transition controls. However, they do not have the ability to see or control the multiview.

All users can log out of web control by click the menu icon in the upper right corner and clicking Log Out.

If you're using Web Control on the same network (LAN) as Studio, the information between the two will be exchanged peer-to-peer (P2P) over the LAN rather than over the internet.

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