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Hardware encoding is not reducing CPU percentage

If you are running Studio on a Windows PC with an NVIDIA graphics card, and you noticed that hardware encoding isn't having much of an impact on your CPU performance, there may be a setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel that you need to change.

The NVIDIA Control Panel includes a setting that allows the NVIDIA application to determine whether to use the CPU or the NVIDIA graphics card for graphics processing on any program.


By default, this is set to Auto, which can sometimes cause multiple errors in Studio around computer resources, slow connection warnings, and can even end up crashing Studio entirely. Below will walk you through on how to change this setting.


To get to the NVIDIA Control Panel, you can either right-click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel from the dropdown, or type out NVIDIA Control Panel in your Windows search bar. This will also be found in the Apps under the same name.

In the window that populates, select Configure Surround, PhysX from the navigation menu on the left side.


To the right, you should see PhysX settings. Open the dropdown menu under Processor, and select the NVIDIA Graphics Card option.

Lastly, make sure that you are using Hardware Encoding in your Studio settings

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