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Offline Mode and Access Warning Messages

When you access Studio via your Vimeo or Livestream subscription, you need an internet connection in order for Studio to authenticate your account. If you lose this connection, Studio will enter offline mode.

Once you've logged into Studio successfully, you can keep using Studio as long as your internet connection remains in tact. 

If your connection is interrupted, Studio will enter offline mode, which will allow you to keep using Studio for up to 7 days after disconnection, even if your subscription ends in that timeframe. A countdown for how long your offline access is active can be found by navigating to the Settings menu, then selecting the My Account tab.

If you haven't successfully reconnected within the 7-day time frame, Studio will log you out and prompt you to log in again. 

Also take note that if you log in within incorrect credentials, you log in with an expired subscription, or you exceed your license limit, you will have limited access to Studio and see numerous warnings indicating that your connection isn't valid. You may only log into Studio with an active Vimeo Premium, Vimeo Enterprise, or paid Livestream account within your license limit. 

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