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Best Practices for Mevo as a Remote Camera Source

If you intend to use Mevo as a remote camera source in Livestream Studio, our team has some configuration recommendations for optimal performance. 

Project Format


First, under Settings: Project Format, you should select Streaming Optimized.

Choose a Project Format that matches your Mevo's Frame Rate. Doing this will increase the quality while also reducing CPU usage that would otherwise be used to resize the Mevo's video feed.

If you need to output from Studio via HDMI or SDI, then you will need to select an HD format. In Settings: Project Format, change the Definition to HD. This in case, we recommend using either 720p59.94, 720p60, or 1080p30. These will produce the best image quality but will increase CPU usage.

When you select your Project Format, click Save.


Camera Synchronization


To avoid sync issues, it's best that you set your direct input sources to be delayed by one second. Studio has an easy setting to do this.


Click the gearwheel in the upper right corner of Studio, then click the Advanced tab.

Navigate to the Remote Inputs Synchronization setting and select Delay All Inputs by 1 Second and Synchronize. This will allow your wired inputs to compensate for the latency experienced by wireless sources (in this case, Mevo) and sync them together.

Be sure to save your settings.

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